Janet Lane, #1 Amazon Best-Selling and international award-winning author, transports readers to a time of Gypsies and knights, breathtaking passion and forbidden love. Her characters challenge cultural and racial differences, and fearlessly fight for the ones they love. She is captivated by the 15th centuryhoneymoon age” of the Gypsies, and sets the stage in her historical romance novels with strong-willed, spirited women determined to create their own destiny.

Readers have called Janet’s books “sexy-fast-paced”, “not your typical romance novel” and “not just another knight in shining armor story” – “Lane not only entertains, but enlightens!”


The Coin Forest Historical Romance Series

Etti’s given a choice–leave Rafa, her new-found love and wed whatever man the marriage counsel chooses for her–or be exiled by her tribe. What’s a defiant, young Gypsy girl to do?

“Lane does a superb job creating layers to the Gypsy culture… a must-have for fans of the series.”   –Library Journal.

When her father, chief of the Gypsies died, headstrong Etti lost her status, but none of her spirit. She’s the first woman to race her horse in Marseilles. She survives attacks by her drunken brothers, the very men who should have protected her, and she’s turned the head of Rafa, a delicious Gitano Gypsy from Spain with a tantalizing sense of adventure and breathtaking passion. She dares to break all the rules to pursue Rafa–and the exciting life she craves.  Read More »

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Lord Tabor doesn’t mind playing the Arranged Marriage card to save his lands–until he’s enchanted by the beautiful Gypsy-slave-turned-dancer, Sharai, who’s astute enough to realize that life in a nunnery would be safer than being his mistress. Tabor navigates the political tightrope preceding the War of the Roses to save their love. Read More »

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 A fierce knight raids a Gypsy camp and drags Kadriya’s fiance away to hang for stealing a precious chalice. The knight fears his attraction for the beautiful Kadriya. His bigotry blinds him, and the theft sets in motion a string of deadly pursuits and a mystery murder. The adventure is as tantalizing as the love story within, and their lives rest on finding the power of love–and one elusive chalice. Read More »

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He accidentally kills her father, leaving the family’s holding vulnerable. To protect the family, the half-Gypsy nobleman weds Nicole and faces his bride’s icy rejection. Just as their romance heats up he become embroiled in the War of the Roses and accused of treason. Can she save him in time?  Read More »

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Star-crossed lovers meet during the War of the Roses, only to learn that she wears the red rose supporting King Henry VI and his formidable Queen Margaret of Anjou—while he sports the white rose of the Duke of York. It’s a dance of imperiled love amid an escalating war. They’re both right, both wrong, both lost in the heat of unbridled passion—and crushing intrigue and danger. Read More »

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