Create your own reality

Picture of the northern lights with quote from Jimmy Buffett: "When reality looks too ugly ... fantasize."

This quote made me laugh. Jimmy Buffett’s carefree attitude is one of the main draws to his music and lyrics. I have applied this concept many times without thinking about it this way. When I’m stuck in a traffic jam, I start thinking about more pleasant things–an upcoming vacation, perhaps, or the next time I’ll visit one of my daughters. If I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, I surrender and think of my work in progress–a scene in one of my novels, other story ideas and such.

One unfortunate day in my past, I cut a corner too tightly and ran over a curb. My front tire blew out and I was stuck waiting for my trust AAA tow truck to rescue me. I couldn’t seem to escape into my moment of fantasy that time — I guess reality was just too intrusive that time!

And perhaps that’s why I laughed when I saw this quote. šŸ™‚