Medieval Times Now Stars Women


In what initially seems like a nod to The Game of Thrones, the entertainment restaurant chain, Medieval Times, now features queens as opposed to kings in the starring role.

Diners who enter one of the nine 11th-century-castle-themed buildings around the country pay about $60 for dinner and medieval-themed “joust-and-eat” entertainment. Gloriously handsome men and stunningly beautiful women in shining medieval finery ride destriers and dreamy Andalusion horses. Their roles involve saving the kingdom from villains who would presumably lay siege to the glorious kingdom of roasted chicken.

For decades, the chain has historically featured only kings in the starring role. Last fall they began introducing queens in the starring role. A response to the #Me, Too and #Time’s Up movement?

If it’s only a coincidence, it’s a remarkable one. Learn more about this interesting chain, a kind of Renaissance-Festival-Restaurant-in-the-Round, at the Medieval Times website. (It appears they haven’t updated their website to show The Queen in her starring glory. According to the New York Times article announcing this change, not all of their locations have updated their show yet.)