Crimson Secret

Tense with the treachery of medieval battle–colorful with the forgotten charms of a living bridge–and perilous when young lovers dare to pursue the forbidden.

Crimson Secret is set during the War of the Roses. Margaret of Anjou, one of the strongest, most fascinating of England’s queens, holds the reins of power firmly in her French-born hands. The country is bleeding from the turmoil caused by a king suffering from unpredictable bouts of insanity, and the Duke of York, who strives to take the throne and restore order.

During England’s staggering number of battles and wars, transportation played a strategic part in determining which man would emerge victorious and claim the throne. Many battles were fought near and on bridges. Crimson Secret is a story of one of them.


Professional Review:

“Political intrigue with a hard-won romance along for the ride. Recommended for fans of star-crossed lovers.” … Library Journal Review
A freshly imagined setting filled with intrigue and passion–loved it!” … USA Today Bestselling Author Cassie Miles


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