Emerald Silk


A fierce knight raids a Gypsy camp and drags Kadriya’s fiancé away to hang for stealing a precious chalice. The knight fears his attraction to the beautiful Kadriya His bigotry blinds him, and the theft sets in motion a string of deadly pursuits and a mystery murder. The adventure is as tantalizing as the arousing love story within, and their lives rest on finding the power of love–and one elusive chalice.


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Vividly drawn characters that leap off the page. I loved this novel!”
… NYT Best-selling Author Lara Adrian.

This fast-paced romantic adventure by an Amazon best-selling author is set in autumn, 1448 at England’s famed Applewood horse fair. The midnight peace is shattered when monastic knights invade the camp to reclaim a treasured chalice stolen by a Gypsy. The attack sets in motion a string of deadly pursuits, a mystery murder, and a political crisis involving the most prominent bishop in England.

In the center of the chaos, the beautiful half-Gypsy, Kadriya, yearns for true love. Raised by English nobility, she has passed the threshold of womanhood. Spurned for her mixed blood,

she is now twenty and longs for acceptance. With one foot planted firmly in each of her ethnic shorelines, Kadriya struggles to find her place in the world. Teraf, an impetuous Gypsy tribal king of surpassing charm, proposes she choose her Romani legacy. When Kadriya accepts, she starts a wild journey that challenges her loyalties and tests her courage.

This historical adventure unfolds when Kadriya arrives at the horse fair, where Teraf will announce their betrothal. Kadriya stands at his side, basking in the warmth of her realized dream.

The dream becomes a nightmare, though, when Teraf is accused of stealing an emerald chalice and a powerful knight, John Wynter, delivers her fiancé to the gallows. Sir John hates foreigners, but it is this man alone who holds the key to Kadriya’s freedom. His bigotry blinds him, and if this fierce knight cannot regain his vision, he may fail in his duty. This adventure is as tantalizing as the arousing love story within for, in a single bell’s toll, their life and happiness rest on finding the power of love—and one elusive chalice.


“Enchanting! An enchanting medieval romance filled with passion, intrigue and vividly drawn characters that leap off the page. I loved this novel!”
… NYT Best-selling Author Lara Adrian.

GRADE A! “This fast-moving, smoothly constructed historical novel quickly pulls readers into 15th century England and its growing discrimination against Gypsies. Well-drawn characters and the strong sense of time and place will have readers rushing to read Tabor’s Trinket, the prequel to this book.
… Joan Hinkemeyer, Rocky Mountain News

RICH CHARACTERS IN A LUSH SETTING “A page turner filled with prejudice, betrayal, loyalty, shame and passion. A powerful tale that shows the destructive power of racism and the enlightening journey one can take to overcome a lifetime of differences. This is a story that I would recommend to all.”
… Anthonette Dotson, Romance Reviews Today

HOT! “Lane’s Gypsies, tramps and thieves all have their own agenda in this enjoyable tale of love. There are interesting secondary characters, including a trained monkey.
… Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times Book Reviews

“An exciting medieval adventure, with enough passion and historical detail to satisfy the most demanding reader.”
… USA Today best-selling author Jasmine Cresswell

GLOWING JEWEL OF A BOOK “Deep and colorful with just enough ‘silk’ to captivate.
… RITA-winning author Robin D. Owens

REFRESHING HISTORICAL, A UNIQUE PROTAGONIST “The intrigue, betrayal, and sexual blackmail at the Abbey enhance a strong tale.”
…Reviewer Harriet Klausner

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